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Team Poker® CasinoWare for Poker Tournament

TeamPoker® The new Poker Paradign is implemented in CasinoWare. Individuals and Teams can now win a percentage of their perspective prize pools based on their individual and teammates combined performance. Skill is more of a factor by teaming with skilled players or competing with smaller team and handicapping your teams' play. We make Poker a Team Sport... Win solo or with your team!

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Individual & Team Scoring

Both Individual and Teams win a percentage of the prize pool based on Tournament Director Pre-Structured Format.
Any split is possible from 0-100% either way in TeamPoker® CasinoWare.
The inverse of the individual finish positions are the Global Points awarded for Team Scores that determine team finish position and award payout. Global Points allows Team Handicapping and are the root of Standard Team Ranking.
A second option for Team Scoring is Carry-The-Flog, where the top individual finish positions determine team payout.
Both Individuals and Teams are Ranked by the TP Global Point System™ that can be used for Individiaul and Team Handicapping.

TeamPoker® Seating Protocol

Tournament Directors structure their Team Seating Requirements along with periods, blind structure, and other tournament options to run a TeamPoker® Tournament.
TP NO-CONTACT: Teammates are not allowed together with opponents. Teammates may play together or heads up during tournament table consolidation.
TP FULL-CONTACT: The Full-Contact rule is the Standard Random Seating of Players, and allows teammates on the same table with opponents.
TP HYBRID SEATING PROTOCOL: Using TeamPoker® CasinoWare you can switch from No-Contact to Full Contact at any time and it can be used at the end of tournament, as example, to conserve tables.

TeamPoker® Handicap

TeamPoker® CasinoWare allows the Tournament Director to structure any sized team event, and, team size can vary in the same tournament using TP Handicap.
The Handicap is the ratio of the max size team allowed divided by the actual size within the minimum allowed. This ratio is multiplied by the Teams Global Points (inverse of finish position count); and, Team Points are compared for Team Finish Position and Prize Pool Payout.
The score tie breaker is always the team with the highest individual finish position. The TeamPoker® Handicap and Scoring System is the new paradign in tournament poker where individuals can handicap their skills (Reverse Handicap) and compete for larger portion of the prize pool.

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TeamPoker® Free Individual & Team Events, Ranking, Charity, and Sports Team Fundraising. Skill is more of a factor and poker is now a team sport. Win solo or with a team... your choice!

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Learn the basics of the TeamPoker® Scoring, Seating and Handicapping process. Start your club NOW, and own the TeamPoker® Naming Rights to compete for fun, rank, and fundraising with the FREE TeamPoker® Fundraising Tool where all funds go directly to your 501c3 or Sports Team Fundraiser. There is no charge to join or create a Fundraising Event.



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